Posted online: December 7, 2004 3:05 PM
Print publication date: December 8, 2004

Dispatch/Argus Newspaper

Letters to the editor East Moline voters should retain Moreno as their mayor

I want East Moline residents to be aware of some facts about our mayor. A previous article was totally incorrect and biased.

Joe Moreno was instrumental in the Jewel development on Kennedy Drive and continues to strive for more development there.

As for the statement about being a relative to the Jacobs family, I can say that anyone who knows Joe realizes that comment is completely ridiculous. He is definitely his own man.

I would hope that future mayors would be able to attend as many meetings as Joe. He is such a vibrant speaker and wonderfully emissary for the city of East Moline.

Joe has coordinated many, many meetings on CNH. With all the input from these governmental agencies, I can't help but believe something will be forthcoming with all of these efforts.

The downtown business is a work in progress looking for positive results. The appearance of the quarter is extraordinary compared to its original state and will continue to expand.

I've had many face-to-face meetings with this man of great integrity, who has total devotion for the city of East Moline. With all of this endless energy and dedication being put forth, we need to retain our present mayor.


Dave Womack,

East Moline